I created this blog to have a place to share some insights I have gained throughout my spiritual journey. 
I have a lot to share and many topics to cover. This is a safe place to unpack many teachings from Pacha Mama. A place to write about first-hand experiences and hopefully to provide answers to questions you may have had towards Plant Medicine, Cosmic Teachings, Healing and more. 


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An Introduction I have always been sensitive to certain foods. Rather, how different foods generate feelings and how my body reacts to it. Growing up as a kid I naively believed that most people felt the same types of things, had the same types of experiences for the most part and that somehow we are […]

Food And Spiritual Wellness

Food And Spiritual Wellness

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Placing specific crystals charged with information outside or within a space. All land masses harbour energetic fields.

Crystal power

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Using natural objects for the guidance of Spirit. Cleansing energy using plants and other tools.


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Journeying for Soul Retrieval, Power Animals, Extraction & more. A unique and powerful experience.

Shamanic Healing



My goal is to connect those on a self exploration, self actualization journey with insight and awareness attuned to their unique life experience. Sometimes we are on this path, without realizing it. It's important to begin addressing the feelings and questions that arise, without judgement. I'm simply here as a guide, helping you understand your personal life journey experience, and how to integrate healing from pain so that you may continue to flourish. 

Lover of plants and animals. A student of nature. A journeyer of cosmic consciousness. A path finder, a way show-er.

Hi, I'm jasmine