What is Shamanism?

I have been lucid dreaming and cosmically travelling all my life. Little did I know I was Journeying, back then it was called having a big imagination. Remembering my dreams in detail has greatly aided me in the skill of Shamanic Journeying. 

After a powerful spiritual awakening, brought out of a difficult past and a desire for living the beauty way, I studied Core Shamanism at The Foundation For Shamanic Studies. In returning back to my true self, I found my soul's purpose. 

Helping others discover how to find their truth and power, in turn helps me to live in my own full potential. It's a win win for all.

With all my heart, I love this work!


Jasmine xx

My Story

"If you want to awaken all of humanity, begin by awakening all of yourself" - Lao Tzu

I worked for years as a professional Interior Designer, eventually running my own Home Staging and Design business. I see the beauty in my surroundings, and this has been my approach to life. This positive view was born out of a difficult past. I made a decision that I was not going to be bound by deep emotional wounds, as my parents were, and their parents before them. Though as an adult I was living a life I thought I wanted, my heart never ceased to remind me that I wasn't yet on the right path. Deep down, I knew I had to uncover what this was, and how to get there.


In 2016 a very big change in circumstances triggered the beginning of my spiritual awakening. At the time I didn't realize I was having one. By 2018 I found myself in Peru, coming back to myself in ceremony with Master Plants and the Shipibo Shamans. This is where I experienced a full visionary kundalini awakening. It was a life changing confirmation of my heart's wisdom, the wisdom of my Slavic ancestors and wisdom from Great Mother Earth herself. When the student was ready, the teacher appeared. It was then I finally answered the calling. After that, my life changed in ways I couldn't have imagined. I am blessed to have been shown this beautiful path.

By way of these experiences, I came to study Core Shamanism at The Foundation for Shamanic Studies. There, I learned to apply ancient healing methods which have been used by Indigenous cultures and all peoples of the earth for approximately 100,000 years and more. I am still learning and will continue to seek truth and knowledge forever.



What is Shamanism?

Shamans exist in some form in almost every culture to this present day. The spiritual practice of Shamanism goes back 100,000 years and possibly more. We all come from Indigenous ancestors from every culture and can trace ourselves to a shamanic culture if we go back far enough.

The Shaman bridges the world of spirit and the world of the physical together. Bringing people into alignment with the natural world, themselves and others. Shamans walk in both this world and others, and this conscious shifting of awareness is called Shamanic Journeywork. 

Archeological findings showed evidence that shamanic cultures from around the world, separated by continents and oceans, all had variations of the same practices in Journeywork, plant medicine and ceremonial honouring and cleansing practices. 

What is Journeywork? It's an ancient form of meditation that improves with practice. Journeying requires the practitioner to enter into an altered state of consciousness in order to perform a soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, energy extraction, and more. Shamans believe that all illness is rooted first, in a spiritual imbalance. Healing occurs when the body's energy and natural healing abilities can be awakened and shifted to perform the desired effect. 

The Shamanic Journey

The Journey


For over 100,000 years, Shamans around the world have perfected the art of traveling in consciousness to other levels of reality. 


Journeying allows for access to information about how to navigate through life situations, clear ancestral trauma and more.


What does a Journey look like? The Shaman enters into an altered state of consciousness to the sound of a drum or rattle. They journey to familiar realms to connect with their spirit guides and teachers who assist them towards healing or knowledge.


Shamanic Journeywork is a form of meditation that improves with practice. When the practitioner enters into visionary states of consciousness, they focus their intentions into the hidden inner worlds. All while very much awake. 


Information received from a Journey is only the first step. The next is taking action. Looking at the information from a heart-centred place, and manifesting it into the world through action is key.


Perry, Toronto

"I felt a blockage I couldn't pin down. Jasmine is simply a beautiful soul who made me feel at peace from our first interaction. Working with her has enabled me to lovingly and safely identify and release what I was holding on to. She's truly gotten me to a better place in life."

Aimée, Ottawa

"Prior to working with Jasmine for the first time I was sleepwalking through my life. I was on repeat, and felt tired. In our first session she helped me remove some self-imposed blockages. I felt an immediate difference right after."

Frank, Toronto

"Jasmine is always kind and respectful in our sessions. I feel honoured and deeply held, I leave the session feeling rejuvenated and more clear-minded."

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