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As a child I witnessed a lot of anger, struggle and fear. My parents were immigrants who came to Canada with only two suitcases, and me. Who then had to start from scratch, learning English, looking for employment and trying to build a life in a totally different place. Though they were eventually successful in creating a good life for us (by societal standards), the ancestral trauma and the individual pain they both unknowingly carried would eventually cost them their marriage, relationships with family and their health. When I was old enough, I declared it my mission to lead a happy, fulfilled and healthy life, the beauty way. I decided I was not going to be a victim of my experiences, I was going to rise above it, end the cycle and set the ancestral pain free. And that is exactly what I did. 

Finding your truth requires unlearning what you thought you knew about yourself and the world around you. There is power and freedom in this. If you are ready to flip the script of your life, I can show you how.

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As we take care of our physical body we must equally care for the etheric body. Over the course of our lives, we experience events which leave an imprint on the etheric body. Part of our soul's energy can be left in a time and place where the event occurred. Our energy field is weakened when this happens. Unwanted energies then connect to the physical body, manifesting in the form of illness and/or emotional pain. 

How does Soul Retrieval work? I do a Shamanic Journey to connect you back to the part of your soul's energy that was left behind. The results take effect either immediately or over the course of days, even weeks. There is a noticeable difference in physical energy and/or mood. The results are very profound and powerful. May you always come back to your true self, blessings.

When trauma occurs, a part of our life force energy is left behind.


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Many Indigenous cultures believe that if you are not walking in life with your spirit animal you leave yourself open to illness and misfortune. A Spirit Animal is one who is with you for life, one of your assigned guides in animal form. 

A Power Animal is one who comes to bring their special gifts, to assist you in life. To discover what animal spirit will step in for you, I Journey to find them. The Power Animal will bring to you more of what you need, for your highest good, for that particular time in your life. Once you receive Power Animal I will provide instructions on how to honour them, and keep them with you for the duration of their time with you.  

Get to know a helpful spirit animal, your Totem

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Power animal retrieval

The energy systems in our bodies are designed to be in alignment with our spirit and physical body. These include chakras, energy points and auric field. These systems work together in connection with our body, for the duration of our life. A sacred technology which keeps our life force tethered to the body, and in good working condition. 

On the energy level, physically unseen imbalances occur when emotions, diet and the connection to our outer and inner worlds are unbalanced. 

A Shamanic extraction is a gentle and beautiful way to remove some forms of energetic imbalance and blockages. By triggering the healing system in your body, the ailment can be extracted to unblock stagnant energy flow. 

An ailment in the body has manifested. It can be energetically extracted.

Shamanic Extraction

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The shamanic journey

Divination & Cleansing 

Divination is simply the act of revealing truth. It is a way to find answers to a problem or an issue that requires further action.  Truth is presented or "divined" by using natural objects (such as stones) to provide insight and receive messages from our higher self. Our soul and guides communicate to us in the form of symbolism and metaphors. This is especially true in Dreamwork.



In an energy cleansing session I use crystals, drums, crystal sound bowls and certain plants to remove energy blocks in and around the body. For the cleansing of indoor and outdoor spaces, it is a similar but more intricate method. The cleansing of a space is a more detailed process which requires preparation . These are in-person offerings, therefore I will usually conduct a Journey prior to physically entering a space. 

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Crystal Power Grids

Crystals have been associated with the harnessing and transmuting of energy since antiquity. When used correctly, crystals have the ability to change and redirect energy with intention. There are so many varieties of crystals and each type has its own special properties. 

I use many types of crystals to carefully plan a grid, customized to the home, personal space or outdoor space of my clients. The purpose of having a crystal grid in a space is to create the most harmonious energy flow working with the natural surroundings of the space. When a crystal grid is created, the space within and surrounding the grid must be in alignment with the nodes and natural surroundings of the area. 

"In a crystal we have clear evidence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being."

- Nikola Tesla

Seth, Toronto

Other than the fact that I would feel mental clarity after our sessions, it was to my surprise that I stopped having pain in my body that I had for many years. I now understand how emotional pain affects the body. Before experiencing this for myself, I would have never believed it.

"This is holistic healing at its best. Working with Jasmine has been integral to my spiritual growth and physical healing."

Natasha, Toronto

I didn't know what to expect from a Shamanic session but I reached out to Jasmine as recommended by a friend. After the the session, I had some much needed reality checks. Things came up that allowed me to change of my approach to life. I would highly recommend Jasmine for her incredible ability to energetically connect people to where they need to be, and what they need to look at in their life.

"I couldn't believe the difference an energy cleansing made for me! I experienced a purge of negative things in my life."

Joanne, Thunder Bay

Thanks to Jasmine I've embraced engery healing and Shamanic practices into my everyday lifestyle. This has changed my approach to relationships, career and most importantly to myself.

"Jasmine's intuition and ability to get to the root of the problem is impeccable. I value her teachings more than any coaching courses I've taken."

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As I continue my studies in Herbalism I will also be dieting with master plants in the amazon in the near future. From the wisdom and information gained through these practices, I will be able to offer different forms of in-depth energy cleansing experiences. I will also be holding workshops to expand on teachings from the natural world for those who are ready for this. 




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My goal is to connect those on a self exploration, self actualization journey with insight and awareness attuned to their unique life experience. Sometimes we are on this path, without realizing it. It's important to begin addressing the feelings and questions that arise, without judgement. I'm simply here as a guide, helping you understand your personal life journey experience, and how to integrate healing from pain so that you may continue to flourish. 

Lover of plants and animals. A student of nature. A journeyer of cosmic consciousness. A path finder, a way show-er.

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"How can shamanic healing be done from a distance, via a virtual call?"

Quantum physics has shown us that an object can be affected on an atomic level, simply by having an observer present. One atom can affect another even if it is millions of miles away. In the same way, when a thought connection is made with intention, it is not bound by distance and time. Outside the waking reality we are accustomed to, there are no limitations. 

"What's the difference between a Shaman and a Shamanic Practitioner?"

A Shaman is named by their cultural community as such. Shamans are true healers and yet humble people, who are not concerned about their "label" but rather; place importance on the work they do. Shamanic Practitioner is a term coined in the Western world to convey that the person is trained in ancient shamanistic practices, not representative of one specific culture. 

"How does trauma affect our lives?"

In many cases, trauma can be forgotten or unknown to the mind, but the body and soul remembers. Depending on when and how trauma occurs, the brain can block and store the event from memory as a form of protection. Eventually, the unprocessed emotion of this event can seep out into our daily existence causing various behavioural problems ranging from depression, anger issues to addiction. 

"Who can benefit most from a Shamanic Healing experience?"

Anyone and everyone. Whether you seek to begin healing your mind body and soul, or you wish to boost your life journey experience, the benefit from a Shamanic session provides advancement in the quest towards our true selves. Sometimes you just need to reset and gain mental clarity. Other times deep healing occurs. Either way you will have a meaningful experience. 

"What should I expect during or after a session?"

During a session you may feel tingling or heat sensations throughout the body. Sometimes there is purging in the form of tears or expelling through the mouth. This is a very positive occurrence if/when it happens. After a session you will likely experience synchronicities. There is generally a feeling of clarity and overall more energy in the body for days to weeks after the session.