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Prior to any session, we will connect in a 30 minute discovery call to meet formally before we begin.

In a Shamanic healing session, various methods can be applied, based on what is needed at that time. This could come in the form of a Soul Retrieval, Extraction, Divination or Power Animal Retrieval. Or you may find an energy cleansing was just what you need. As with most things in life, the process of healing is a work in progress. There is no "one and done" method. But it is absolutely beneficial to our overall sense of well being. 

Sessions can take up to 90mins. I will offer what I am guided to discuss, and answer questions after the session. 

In-person offerings include Ceremony Circles (scroll down) and energy cleansing both for the body as well as for indoor/outdoor spaces. 

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ways to work with me

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Placing specific crystals charged with information outside or within a space. All land masses harbour energetic fields.

Crystal power

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Using natural objects for the guidance of Spirit. Cleansing energy using plants and other tools.


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Journeying for Soul Retrieval, Power Animals, Extraction & more. A unique and powerful experience.

Shamanic Healing

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Ceremony circles are held to usher in most notable times of the year, such as Spring Equinox and monthly lunar cycles. Using drums, rattles and other instruments, we call in Spirit and we honour the four directions. We give thanks to Great Mother, Pacha Mama. We cleanse in Fire smoke, letting it devour and transmute our grievances. We honour the lessons. We are Creation, honouring Creator, who is looking back at itself, the Creation.

Every Ceremony circle must be opened with great care, and does not end until it is closed just as carefully. 

There is much to be gained from honouring Creation. Release and transmute old ways to welcome the new.


Types of Ceremony I am currently holding for groups:
Cacao Ceremony (Indoors)
Grief Circle Ceremony (Indoors or outdoors)
Fire Ceremony (Outdoors)

Currently offering private residential Ceremony for small groups. Please contact me directly here for more information.


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Upcoming events and ceremonies 

You are seeking a deeper connection to yourself, and/or have begun the process of inner work and self discovery.

You feel "stuck"  or have experienced a loss. You may feel like you're struggling  to keep your head above water. 

You are feeling imbalanced in some way. You suspect the emotional and/or physical discomfort could be coming from a deeper aspect of yourself.

Shamanic Healing is for you if...

Joanne, Thunder Bay

Thanks to Jasmine, I have embraced energy healing and Shamanic practices into my everyday lifestyle. This has changed my approach to relationships, career and most importantly to myself. 

"Jasmine's intuition and ability to get to the root of the problem is impeccable. I value her teachings more than the coaching courses I've taken."

Frank, Torornto

I have struggled with addiction on and off throughout my life and was looking for an alternative treatment like psilocybin therapy. I came across Jasmine's work and after a few sessions, she helped me gain new insight about my life, without the use of psychedelics. Working with Jasmine has been an eye opening experience, one I would recommend trying in a heartbeat!

"I am finally starting to heal from my past. I would recommend Jasmine to anyone looking to start fresh mentally and emotionally."

Seth, Toronto

Other than the fact that I would feel mental clarity after our sessions, it was to my surprise that I stopped having pain in areas of my body I had for many years. I now understand how emotional pain affects the body. Before experiencing this myself, I would have never believed it. 

"This is holistic energy healing at its best. Working with Jasmine has been integral to my spiritual growth and physical healing."

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My goal is to connect those on a self exploration, self actualization journey with insight and awareness attuned to their unique life experience. Sometimes we are on this path, without realizing it. It's important to begin addressing the feelings and questions that arise, without judgement. I'm simply here as a guide, helping you understand your personal life journey experience, and how to integrate healing from pain so that you may continue to flourish. 

Lover of plants and animals. A student of nature. A journeyer of cosmic consciousness. A path finder, a way show-er.

Hi, I'm jasmine