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Placing specific crystals charged with information outside or within a space. All land masses harbour energetic fields.

Crystal power

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Using natural objects for the guidance of Spirit. Cleansing energy using plants and other tools.


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Journeying for Soul Retrieval, Power Animals, Extraction & more. A unique and powerful experience.

Shamanic Healing

Perry, Toronto

"I felt a blockage I couldn't pin down. Jasmine is simply a beautiful soul who made me feel at peace from our first interaction. Working with her has enabled me to lovingly and safely identify and release what I was holding on to. She's truly gotten me to a better place in life."

Aimée, Ottawa

"Prior to working with Jasmine for the first time I was sleepwalking through my life. I was on repeat, and felt tired. In our first session she helped me remove some self-imposed blockages. I felt an immediate difference right after."

Frank, Toronto

"Jasmine is always kind and respectful in our sessions. I feel honoured and deeply held, I leave the session feeling rejuvenated and more clear-minded."

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