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"How can Shamanic healing be done from a distance, via a virtual call?"

Quantum physics has shown that an object can be affected on an atomic level, simply by having an observer present. One atom can trigger another even if it is thousands of miles away. In the same way, when a thought connection is made with intention, it is not bound by distance and time. Outside the waking reality we are acustomed to, there are no limitations.

"What's the difference between a Shaman and a Shamanic Practitioner?"

A Shaman is one who is named by their community as such. Shamans often live in or outside of rural communities. They are humble people who care not for labels but rather, place importance on the healing work that they do. Shamanic Practitioner is a term coined in the Western world to convey that the person is trained in ancient shamanistic practices, not representative of one specific culture. 

"How does trauma affect our lives?"

In many cases, a person can be living with emotional pain and not understand how this came to be. Trauma can be forgotten by the mind, but the body and soul remembers. Depending on when and how the trauma occurred, the brain blocks and stores away the event from memory as a protection mechanism. Eventually the unprocessed emotions seep out into our daily existence if left unchecked. Causing various behavioural problems ranging from depression, anger issues to addiction. 

"Who can benefit most from a Shamanic Healing experience?"

Anyone and everyone. Whether you seek to begin healing your mind body and soul, or you wish to boost your soul's life journey experience, the benefit of the experience provides advancement in the quest to find ourselves truly. 

"What should I expect during or after a session?"

During a session you may feel tingling or heat sensations throughout the body. Sometimes there is purging in the form of tears or expelling from the mouth. This is a very positive occurrence if/when it happens. After a session you will likely experience synchronicities. There is generally a feeling of clarity and more overall energy in the body for days to weeks after the session.